You are invited to join us for an informational webinar on the ability to train CA students outside of audit engagements. Our target audience for this webinar is mid-sized and small CA Firms, however CA Firms of all sizes can benefit. We will discuss how you can create training positions that combine review, compilation and tax engagements. Mid-sized firms can train in specialized areas without requiring a rotation to audit. Small specialized firms can partner to ensure CA students get well rounded experience. Whether you are growing your practice or succession planning think about training CA students! We will cover the current requirements and process to become an approved CA Training Office and discuss any changes to the current requirements under the CPA Certification Program, including a preview of the upcoming launch of an additional training model Experience Verification. You are welcome to submit questions that you may have ahead of the webinar date and we will answer them on the webinar.

This session will qualify as mandatory verifiable Continuing Professional Development (CPD)


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