Are you Addicted to the Yes Habit?

Are you Addicted to the Yes Habit?


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Title : Are you Addicted to the Yes Habit?

Date : April 21st, 2010

Time: 12:30 PM ET

How often do you find yourself saying yes when you really want to say no? Can you take on this extra project? Would you join our volunteer committee? We know it's last minute, but can you organize next week's meeting? Would you like to get together with so and so (someone perhaps you'd rather not)?

The ‘Yes Addiction' can be tiresome and get in the way of your fulfillment and your success.  But there are many times when it does make sense to say yes, and breaking the no habit can be equally important!
On April 21st say YES to attending the CICA webinar!  This webinar will provide tips on how to break your yes habit and replace it with more effective ways of responding to both yourself and others. The webinar will outline tips and strategies for building your own awareness, resolve and courage as well as practical tips in learning how to say "No" without the guilt, trepidation and fear of compromising relationships! We'll also address the danger of an over-expressed ‘No' habit and find the balance back to meaningful Yes!!

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