Gordon Heard, CA Principal Advisor, The Finance Group
As Principal Advisor of The Finance Group, Gordon has been helping companies in Canada prepare for their IFRS transitions since 2007. Gordon also manages the IFRS information, resource and research website www.IFRSinCanada.com, and is the editor of the eNewsletter IFRS in Canada. Gordon also works with the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CICA) providing input on IFRS education and communication from the perspective of members in industry. Gordon has 20 years of financial management and executive experience in organizations of varying sizes, and is a member of the Financial Executive International (Canada)ís Committee on Corporate Reporting.
  Susan Campbell, CA Vice President Finance, Cineplex Entertainment Limited Partnership
Susan Campbell is the Vice President Finance at Cineplex Entertainment Limited Partnership and has been with Cineplex since 2003. Susan is responsible for the financial reporting, planning and budgeting and treasury functions at Cineplex and is leading the IFRS conversion plan. Prior to Cineplex, Susan worked in the mining and high-tech industries in addition to working for a number of major accounting firms. Susan received her CA designation in 1988.