Producing Financial Information For Canadian Capital Markets

Producing Financial Information For Canadian Capital Markets


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Title : Producing Financial Information For Canadian Capital Markets

Date : January 11th, 2011

Time: 12:00 PM ET

This webinar will inform participants about the recent CICA publication Producing Financial Information For Canadian Capital Markets, available to be downloaded at  In an increasingly complex business environment and ever-changing standards & regulations, a reliable financial information production process needs all the parties to work together in an atmosphere of respect and cooperation, while recognizing their separate and distinct roles.  This publication summarizes the key elements of that process, including the roles and relationships of the parties.
Project leaders David Stephen, CA and Laurie Woodruff, FCA will present this session.  In addition to highlighting some aspects of the process and the relationships between the parties, they will consider how the material can be used by various stakeholders, particularly educating those new to the financial reporting process.  David and Laurie are also very interested in hearing how you might use the material.
Please note that the special time for this webinar is 12:00 pm ET  (Noon).

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